#MyDubaiRamadan | Why Ramadan Is Special to Munira Rahman

Munira Rahman is an American born Muslim travel blogger, now residing in Dubai. Coming from a starkly western culture, and moving to a place that shares some of those traits but still works to preserve Islamic and Arabic heritage, Ramadan takes on extra meaning as a place where she can feel humbled and humanized during the Holy Month.

“As a travel blogger, my heart can never be at content if I’m not in Dubai for Ramadan.
Ramadan is so special and dear to my family and I, as my entire family reunites during this holy month as we spend it together praying and contributing to the less fortunate people.

I think the best part about this month is when people spend so many hours fasting just to remind themselves how people from different parts of the world live without food and water for days. I guess this makes us more human and understanding towards how status and money doesn’t matter at this point. It’s all about unity, love and giving.

My most favourite part of this time is when not only the hotels have tents but how most of the people who own private homes have separate space/tent built just to feed the people who can’t afford iftar. This idea itself is so pure and divine.

This month is a beautiful reminder of humanity. It still exists.”

Her words are a true reminder of what the spirit of Ramadan is all about, showing compassion for those who are less fortunate, and using our sacrifice and celebration as a way to bond with those whom we are care about.


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