#MyDubaiRamadan | Why Ramadan Is Special For Iman, Editor-in-Chief, SAIL magazine


Community. Culture. Creativity. This is what SAIL as a magazine stands for. It is the voice of the UAE’s next generation of leaders, a powerful platform for debate and conversation around the issues that are engaging young people in the UAE today. We are grateful to hear from Iman Ben Chaibah, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief about why Ramadan is so important to her, and we would love to share that with you, our reader.

Ramadan is a special time for us here in Dubai. With our busy lives, as a family we rarely get time together where we share a meal, especially with everyone having a different working hours and busy schedules that may extend late into the evenings. During Ramadan, all of that changes; we finish our work earlier, and we get a chance to share our iftar meal together, almost daily, in the peaceful environs of our home, allowing us to reconnect and reclaim our family values. 

For an inspired Ramadan, visit www.ramadanwithmarriott.com or view our inspiration board on Pinterest.

If you would like to share your stories around the Holy month, please write to hanisha.lalwani@marriott.com.


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