What Ramadan Means To Fashion Blogger Nikita Phulwani


Born and brought up in Dubai, Nikita calls this city home and absolutely loves it! Work-wise, she has worked as a PR executive for almost 3 years at FMCG giant Unilever and by passion she is a social media addict and now, a lifestyle influencer! Nikita shares with us what Ramadan means to her…

Being a non-Muslim based in the Dubai, Ramadan is very dear to my heart because I was born and brought up here. I feel the vibe of the city completely changes during the holy month. There are charitable acts to do all around the city urging everyone to do their bit. Something as small as locals distributing water to workers on the streets during Iftar time brings a smile to my face. I follow certain donation drives that I regularly participate in and look forward to during Ramadan. The Adopt a Camp initiative is amazing, where hundreds of people get together to pack care packages for laborers in the city or the Share A Touch of Love clothes donation driver where they donate clothes to the less fortunate.

What I love especially is how the spirit of Ramadan brings everyone together. I look forward to the tents that hotels set up for Iftar and Suhoor and religiously visit at least 2-3 every year with my family and friends. I am really looking forward to Ramadan this year to recreate some of those special memories.

If you’d like to tell us what Ramadan means to you, please write us at hanisha.lalwani@marriott.com for a chance to be featured on the Ramadan with Marriott blog.

Enjoy an inspired Ramadan, visit our Ramadan Inspiration Gallery on Pinterest and explore our content gallery curated around the Holy Month at www.ramadanwithmarriott.com.


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