Ramadan Memories: Chef Chadi, Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites

Ramadan to me means a time of spiritual reflection and a time of coming together with family, friends and your local communities.

A special Ramadan memory that I will never forget is my first experience of the Holy Month in the UAE together with my colleagues. Being away from families in our home countries we spent many Ramadan nights together as a big “family”. We enjoyed large or intimate gatherings and tried various types of cuisines during Iftar either at restaurants, homes or the associate cafeteria.

Here in the UAE, the Ramadan nights are also a great opportunity to go out and have a look at the beautiful Ramadan decorations at public places and malls across the cities. Or visit different Ramadan tents and watch all the activities and events that are happening at public parks. The spirit of Ramadan comes alive in all the great charity activities that are easy to take part in eg. helping to serve food, donating items, etc.

Taste wise, my favourite Ramadan dish is lentil soup.  It is a common dish to break the fast at the beginning of Iftar, preparing you for the great meal that will follow. A great Ramadan drink is Jallab, made of dates, grape molasses and rose water served cold and topped with pine seeds.

To experience Chef Chadi’s dishes, have a look at the Iftar special offers and promotions at Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites by clicking here. Have an inspired and memorable Ramadan!


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