How To Avoid Feeling Thirsty While Fasting

To prevent dehydration while fasting during Ramadan, what you consume between Iftar and Suhour can go a long way. And if you eat and drink right during this period, you can avoid feeling dehydrated while fasting during the day. We enlisted the expertise of Executive Chef Debrup Mitra at JW Marriott Dubai to share some tips:

Drink water, water and more water

  1. Make sure you drink plenty of water or the non-sugary Ramadan drinks between Iftar and Suhoor, at least eight glasses of liquid are recommended.
  2. Do not drink large amounts of water all at once.
  3. Drink water at a moderate  temperature. Very cold water can cause digestion problems.
  4. Try infused waters to help you keep drinking. To make them, just crush the ingredients of your choice, pour water over it and leave to stand for 15 minutes or longer. Chef’s favorite flavored water combinations are watermelon and mint, lemon and blueberry, and strawberry and basil, half ripe mango, mint and roasted cumin. Be creative, the combination of possibilities are endless.

Watch what you eat

Food also plays an important role in how we withstand thirst during fasting. Try to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables at night or during Suhoor because they contain large amounts of water and fiber which reduce the feeling of thirst. Avoid salty foods, fried food and foods high in fats and sugar.

Avoid exposure to the sun

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight because it increases sweating and fluid loss from the body. Wear natural materials, like unbleached cotton, instead of polyester.

Chef Debrup Mitra has almost twenty years of culinary experience. Always pushing the boundary with his creative ideas, Chef Mitra is always bringing out the passion for the job in his team, thereby building on the reputation of the award-winning restaurants at the JW Marriott Hotel Dubai – The Market Place, Bamboo Lagoon, JW’s Steakhouse and Hofbrauhaus.

To book an Iftar at the JW Marriott Dubai, visit Enjoy an inspired Ramadan, visit our Ramadan Inspiration Gallery on Pinterest


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