Enjoying Iftar The Right Way

This blog has been written by Chef Debrup Mitra, Executive Chef, JW Marriott Hotel Dubai

Start with soups for the soul

harira soup ramadan


What better soul food than a good hearty soup to kick off your Iftar right? Soups are warm, soothing on the stomach and help in preventing bloating or any stomach discomfort. If you’re preparing a soup at home for your Iftar, top it up with some lemon and cumin – they aide digestion. If you’re at any of our Marriott restaurants, our server can surely help you with topping your soup with these ingredients.  Soups are easy to chew and swallow and therefore also a great meal for kids. They provide the body with fluids, vitamins and minerals and offer a great way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. Try making soups from colorful vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins, bell peppers, spinach, zucchini and eggplants. Add flavor with fresh herbs and limit salt and oil. A traditionally prepared Moroccan Harira soup, a Middle-Eastern lentil shorba  and kishk are some recommended soups that you can prepare at home or spot at Iftar buffets.

End on a ‘sweet’ note

caramel custard iftar dessert

Fasting can lead to cravings for foods that are high in sugar and fat. If you want to end your Iftar on a sweet note, try to avoid the calorie-rich pastries like baklava or halva (we know how hard that can be) and eat a few dates or almonds instead. A light caramel custard or fresh fruit salads with the addition of berries is what I would recommend. My favourite is Khoshaf, a traditional Egyptian delicacy which is a compote made of soaked dried fruits in its natural sugar rather than sweetened, and tastes better when flavored with orange blossom water. A recipe for Khoshaf can be found on the popular site Epicurious.

Follow up with a stroll

After Iftar (and especially if it’s a buffet), take a short walk – the change of environment and fresh air will be revitalizing. And what’s better than a nice stroll in the park to perk up your day, right?

Chef Debrup Mitra has almost twenty years of culinary experience. Always pushing the boundary with his creative ideas, Chef Mitra is always bringing out the passion for the job in his team, thereby building on the reputation of the award-winning restaurants at the JW Marriott Hotel Dubai – The Market Place, Bamboo Lagoon, JW’s Steakhouse and Hofbrauhaus.

To book an Iftar at the JW Marriott Dubai, and to explore 2 for 1 Iftar offers and group booking deals, visit www.ramadanwithmarriott.com. Enjoy an inspired Ramadan, visit our Ramadan Inspiration Gallery on Pinterest


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