Ramadan Memories: 5 Minutes with Chef Essam Nabhan

Essam Nabhan is the Executive Chef of Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf Dubai. A Jordanian by nationality, Chef Essam made his foray into the culinary world as a kitchen apprentice. His determination to continuously improve the restaurants’ food and beverage offering is neverending and he is constantly striving to deliver memorable experiences to my guests and strive to develop future culinary leaders. With the season of Ramadan upon us and one that is dear to Chef’s heart, we spent five minutes with him to know about his fondest thoughts on the holy month of fasting.

What does the season of Ramadan mean to you

For me, Ramadan is a time of reflection, worship and creating a deeper connection with Allah. It is a time of the year which reminds us to appreciate more of life; our family, our job, health, and all the blessings that we have received through out.

As a Chef, our main focus is to share the tradition of what Ramadan truly means and deliver a memorable Ramadan experience for our guests.

Your fondest Ramadan memories

The fondest memories I always have during Ramadan are of seeing the guests enjoying the food that my team and I prepare. The joy in their faces while dining with the whole family and friends puts a smile to our faces – as cliched as that may sound! I cherish those times when you smell the aroma of the tasty treats floating all over the house, the early morning walks with my family, the beautiful time spent preparing Iftar together, lavish spreads, the excitement during Iftar, late night shopping and the time spent sensing the spirit of the Holy Month. As a Chef, I am delighted to soak in the best of Ramadan moments at the hotel with our guests and at home with my family.  There’s a feeling of serenity in sharing the spiritual essence of Ramadan to our guests. When you make them feel special by bringing all selections from different parts of the world into one. And how they savor every bite of it with their families.

To stay inspired this Ramadan, visit us on Pinterest or view our Ramadan Inspiration Gallery on RamadanWithMarriott.com.

To create the flavours of Ramadan at home, we recommend you try our Chef Essam’s Iftar recipes. Click here to view them.

Image courtesy: https://www.chefworks.co.uk/uniforms/chef-of-the-month/chef-essam-nabhan/



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