Ramadan FAQs for Tourists

Am I allowed to eat, drink or smoke in public during fasting hours?

No, during fasting hours, even non-Muslims are expected to follow the rules of fasting. You are allowed to eat, drink and smoke in private. During work, companies are required to provide an eating room away from those fasting.

Is there a set time where fast begins and ends?

Fasting follows the sunset and sunrise. So make sure to check up a prayer timing sheet and follow that for the times when eat is not allowed.

Do people in UAE have to wear modest clothes?

Modesty in dress is essential during the holy month, and men and women are expected to dress more modestly during Ramadan. In particular, revealing and tight clothing should be avoided. Women should keep cleavage, knees and shoulders covered out of respect. This includes when people are heading for a night out.

Can visitors, tourists or non-Muslim residents go to clubs or buy alcohol during Ramadan?

Most major nightclubs will close for Ramadan. Bars, pubs and lounges will generally remain open but will only serve alcohol after sunset. There is also no live music and nothing above quiet background music in bars and pubs.

Where can people who don’t fast get their lunch?

Supermarkets are open. Takeaway food can be delivered. Some hotels have a restaurant available where non-fasters can eat (Dubai is better served than the rest of the UAE in this regard) and room service remains available.

Is it OK to drink water at the gym while working out?

You can drink water at the gym, but be mindful when leaving the gym to go to the car park. Do not eat or drink in public.

Are all malls operating as usual?

Malls are open during the day and for an extra hour or two at night. Closing times might be as late as midnight or 1am, but it changes from one mall to another.


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